Humanity is like an Alzheimer’s patient lost in the forest

A couple of very useful quotes are attributed to Einstein. The first is his definition of madness as doing the

Trump and Ur-Fascism

Trump-style populism has made a strategy out of substituting superficial charm and emotional appears to fear of the Other for

Is politics getting worse, or are we just getting a better handle on how bad it has always been?

In assessing the present condition of things, the endemic corruption and open hostility on the part of our alleged representatives

The role of the left in the rise of far-right populism

If Trump exemplifies the use of scapegoats by the far right for the destruction of the country by the pursuit

In the wake of Wentworth, academic culture wars

One way to deal with a devastating byelection defeat in a formerly safe seat is to pause and reflect on

Moral panic as an election strategy

In theory, democratic contests are supposed to be about ideas. Candidates engage in debate about principles and beliefs and the